Industrial Revolution 4 Lab

Saudi-Based innovation-driven company specialized in disruptive technologies such as Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence.

  • IR4LAB is Saudi Aramco's First Blockchain Technology investment in Saudi Arabia.
  • IR4LAB is committed to increasing advanced technologies adoption in Saudi Arabia and the world by implementing new business models or improving existing processes, most notably building local capabilities that can contribute greatly to achieve Saudi 2030 vision.



Our team of experts and international partners will help develop your next solution and software in a timely manner, using cutting edge technologies and according to top-notch standards.


We provide consulting services, whether you are looking to adopt a new technology, create requirements for your next solution or enhance your processes, we are here to help.


IR4LAB would be your partner for your system integration needs, whether you are looking to build your system or integrating with existing solutions, our team is here to help along the way.


New technologies are disruptive and digital transformation can be a daunting task, our experts and partners are here to help you go through
this journey.


IR4LAB offers a wide range of education services, workshops,Certification programs,Executive education, Experiential learning and Customised programs.


Our team is constantly looking into the power of emerging technologies, the human-technology interactions, the intersection of different technologies and how it can make your business better.



Document Management Solution.


Supply Chain Management Solution.


At IR4LAB, we are using the power of emerging technologies efficiently, it's not just buzzwords but we explore and demonstrate how to turn these buzzwords into real applications.


A peer-to-peer technology that enables transfer of value and assets in a decentralised fashion. Blockchain, the technology behind bitcoin, has made it possible to operate in a trustless environment using the power of distributed computers, cryptography and consensus algorithms. Blockchain technology goes beyond payment applications to revolutionise any industry that requires trust, transfer of assets and involves a business network.

Artificial Intelligence

Systems of information are empowering everyone's life today, we are communicating, interacting and doing business using sophisticated and intelligent applications and softwares. Like human beings, Artificial Intelligence and more specifically machine learning allows these systems of information to automatically learn and improve based on iterative learning and experience, provided they have access to reliable sets of data.

Data Analytics

The amount of data generated every single second around the world is massive. Data has become more of a valuable asset, only if governments, businesses and companies can make good sense of it. By using the latest technologies and solutions, data analytics provides the science and the tools to analyse raw data, turn it into insights and allow decision makers to make conclusions about the information they have in hand either real time or deferred processing.


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